What Is Mask?


Turn your city into a chatroom where you can anonymously chat, promote & network with your fellow city-dwellers.


Start off anonymous, but slowly reveal your identity to the new people that you meet. There’s never been an easier and more streamlined way to exchange contact information with new friends.


Want to share something with only a select group of people? Send private messages to others by mentioning them in your message. It’s that easy.

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We Check-In

With so much to checkout and do at different places, don’t worry about manually checking-in. We’ll do that for you.


If you are a business owner looking for new ways to communicate with your patrons give Mask a shot. Answer questions from consumers while they’re at your business or give them suggestions to improve their experience.


Find innovative ways to use Mask. From bars to meet-ups or even classrooms, let Mask bring you closer to the people next to you.